The following Generation Interconnection Studies have been requested.

Study NumberDate RequestedPurpose of StudyRemarksReport
GEN-2016-009 4/14/2017  Interconnect 29 MW to the OKGE Transmission System (queued as IFS-2016-001-02)  Posted 1/23/2018  Download 
GEN-2016-028 12/12/2017  Interconnect 100 MW to the AEPOK Transmission System (queued as IFS-2016-001-38)  Posted 1/4/2018  Download 
GEN-2016-031 4/14/2017  Interconnect 1.5 MW to the OKGE Transmission System (queued as IFS-2016-001-10)  Posted 2/13/2018  Download 
GEN-2016-047 4/14/2017  Interconnect 24 MW to the OKGE Transmission System (queued as IFS-2016-001-22)  Posted 4/6/2018  Download 
GEN-2016-051 5/17/2017  Interconnect 9.8 MW to the AEP-PSCO Transmission System (queued as IFS-2016-001-13)  Posted 4/02/2018  Download 
GEN-2016-070 5/17/2017  Interconnect 5.3 MW to the SWPS Transmission System (queued as IFS-2016-001-18)  Posted 4/12/2018  Download 

Please send your requests to GIStudies@spp.org :

Manager, Generation Interconnections
Southwest Power Pool, Inc.
201 Worthen Drive
Little Rock, AR 72223-4936

If you have any questions, please email GIStudies@spp.org or submit a ticket on RMS.